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Terms & Conditions
1) You must keep a profile photo which includes a recognisable headshot of the yourself 2) The service is currently under heavy development and you understand it is for testing and feedback purposes only and will not store work or data or confidential information on the service 3) Only members of the Olan network may access or use the service, if your membership ceases so will your account 4) Any content posted or uploaded by your other others will be posted with the knowledge that it may be used and disseminated by any other members of the service who have access (subject to any access level granted by the User) 5) Unreasonable or unlawful behaviour or material will not be accepted, it may be moderated, or may result in termination of your service access 6) You agree to report for moderation any material or behaviour which is unlawful or unreasonable 7) The service shall be governed by English law 8) The service is run by, and data will primarily be held by Olan Trust on behalf of the Olan network on servers in England, but subject to technical interactions which may result in data be held or stored or carried through other services and/or other jurisdictions 9) Olan network members: Olan Trust, Olan Homes, Olan Foundation, and Olan Services are registered data controllers with ICO (Information Commissioners Office), other member co-ops are exempt

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